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Street Fighter Ex-Developer Is Working On A New Fighting Game

A battle begins in Fantasy Strike

If you've ever wanted to get into fighting games but just couldn't master the complex systems, Fantasy Strike from Sirlin Games might be just what you're looking for. According to founder David Sirlin, who has experience working on the Street Fighter series, this in-development fighter is intended to be welcoming to newcomers and challenging for veterans all at the same time.

Sirlin recently had a chat with Gamespot about all things Fantasy Strike. Before starting his studio, Sirlin actually worked on a couple of Street Fighter games, including Street Fighter HD Remix. The other was Puzzle Fighter HD Remix, but we're not sure too much experience from that Tetris-like game translates over to the actual fighting arena.

The studio's latest project is being funded through Patreon, and that's actually how you can get your hands on Fantasy Strike nice and early. Support the studio up to a certain level and, boom, you're in.

As for what sets Fantasy Strike apart from the pack, the game relies on single command inputs rather than complex combos and tricky timing. As the developer puts it, they want players worrying about whether or not they should be making a move, not trying to figure out how to execute it. The team's hope is that these sort of rock-paper-scissors decisions will drive super deep gameplay without getting overly complex. So we're not talking as barebones as something like Divekick here, but players also shouldn't expect systems as overwhelming as you might find in modern games like Street Fighter, Injustice or Tekken.

Based on comments from the developer, Sirlin Games believes that fighting games should appeal to all levels of players, not just those who are willing to dig down and spend an untold number of hours learning the ins and outs over every system and character. Still, they claim the game offers plenty of decision making that should help it find a home with the more hardcore crowd.

Currently in development for the PlayStation 4 and PC, Fantasy Strike is in pre-alpha at this point. There are eight playable characters at the moment, though the Patreon shows a roster of 10. There are also four arenas available, which we imagine will get a similar boost as the game gets closer to launch. As for game modes, you can expect the usual suspects such as a training mode, an arcade mode and local versus. Oddly, online is missing from that list right now, but we figure that's got to be part of the final plan.

So what do you think, folks? Doess Fantasy Strike look like the kind of game that will get you to try out fighting games? And for you vets in the audience, does it look complex enough to pique your interest? Let us know in the comments below.

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