Destiny 2

When a game is only two months out from launching, you don't often hear a developer say there is a complaint they are looking forward to hearing. According to Bungie, though, that's not the case with Destiny 2. There's one gripe in particular they're hoping to hear: that the game has too much story.

In speaking with IGN in a recent interview, Senior Narrative Lead for Destiny 2, Jason Harris, and Cinematic Led Matthew Ward said they hope to overwhelm the player with the game's story.

I hope people complain about how much story we have. That'd be the Reddit thread I'd like to read. 'Too much damn story.'

A somewhat bare-bones narrative was one of the complaints leveled against the original Destiny. While additional chapters provided by DLC certainly helped flesh out the world, the vast majority of story elements were tucked away in Grimoire cards, which couldn't even be read within the game itself. That's a shame, since a lot of those details made Destiny even more compelling for players willing to put in the work to track down the extra story beats.

Bungie has already announced that the Grimoire experience will not be making a leap to Destiny 2. Instead, they're going to tell their tale completely within the game world and, according to Harris and Ward, it's going to be a sizable yarn for players to work through.

Obviously, nobody should go into Destiny 2 expecting it to match the size and scope of the original Destiny in its current state. It took three years for the game to grow through constant updates and big DLC drops, with all sorts of new features, modes and the like being bolted on along the way. Still, Bungie has proven through those updates that they've gained a better understanding for what Destiny actually is, which has resulted in better, more compelling stories. You can watch the Harris and Ward interview below.

With Destiny 2, it sounds like they've applied those lessons to the core game, so players should expect a more well-rounded package right from the onset. Included in that is a more robust story, which will see players jumping from planet to planet in order to reunite humanity's greatest heroes in order to overthrow a new threat.

Players will get their first taste of the Destiny 2 campaign in the upcoming beta. Along with a run through the game's first strike and a pair of competitive multiplayer modes, folks will be able to tackle "Homecoming," the first mission in the new campaign. Having tackled that mission at a Destiny 2 reveal event held earlier this year, I'd say it rates up there with some of the best missions the original game had to offer. If the game can keep up that pace throughout what Harris and Ward are touting as a longer campaign, then I'd say the game is off to a pretty great start.

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