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Rock Band 4

Harmonix is still updating Rock Band 4. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true, it's really true. The developers recently announced that a seriously epic song from the past will be making a return to form in Rock Band 4 this Thursday for $2.99. The song is "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" from Iron Butterfly, a song that was released way back in the 1960s.

Over on the Harmonix blog the developers explained that it was one of its biggest influences and that the song played an instrumental role in the development of what we now know as heavy metal music.

The single version of the song clocks in at just under three minutes, but Harmonix decided that it was possible to squeeze a lot more mileage out of the song by including variations of the title based on the original 17 minute version. So, there are a couple of solos and enough jams to fill out plenty of play sessions. According to the post, the song is about four times the length of the average DLC song featured in Rock Band 4. You won't even have to wait long for the DLC, because it will drop this Thursday on July 13th for $2.99.

There's a short demonstration of the song in action within Rock Band, offering gamers just 38 seconds worth of teaser footage for Iron Butterfly's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida".

A lot of gamers and fans of Rock Band were curious if it was the full version of the song or if it was just the cut down version, but they were quickly informed that it was the full 17 minute version of Iron Butterfly's classic.

There were some people who complained about the game's excessive amount of DLC, but Harmonix has been using the DLC to further fund its projects given that the latest game in the ongoing series has been developed and published by Harmonix.

Originally, the series was published by other larger studios such as MTV Games, Mad Catz and Electronic Arts. During the seventh generation, games like Guitar Hero from Activision reigned supreme on the marketplace, racking in tons of sales due to its originality and challenge level. Rock Band also came into the picture back in 2007 during the height of the music-rhythm genre's success, featuring a varied selection of songs and the popular multiplayer feature that people enjoyed both locally and online.

Eventually a third wheel joined the part in the form of RockSmith, focusing more on realistic guitar and instrument playing. By this time the genre had become filled with innumerable amounts of DLC, and sales faltered for all three series.

Harmonix didn't give up, though, and it eventually returned to the fold with Rock Band 4 back in 2015. Since then the studio has been pumping out new DLC for the game, and even launched a VR spin-off earlier this year. The latest DLC featuring Iron Butterfly's classic will be available this Thursday for the Xbox One and PS4.

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