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ASTRO headsets

For fans of peripherals, you'll likely be excited to learn that Logitech has acquired ASTRO Gaming, meaning they'll now be offering hardware for both the PC and console audience.

Over on the Logitech blog, the developer of popular PC gaming peripherals has announced that they've picked up the crew from ASTRO Gaming. While a price isn't listed in the official announcement, reports are that the acquisition was for $85 million.

According to Logitech, this will give the company an opportunity to branch out into new markets without really having to change the way they operate. In other words, Logitech will continue to make the headphones, mice and keyboards they've become known for, while ASTRO will continue to produce headsets with console gaming in mind. So if you're used to playing Overwatch on your PC with Logitech gear or chatting up your Destiny teammates on console with an ASTRO headset, they've still got you covered.

With ASTRO laser focused on designing products for console gaming, and Logitech G focused on building the most advanced PC gaming gear, together we've got gamers covered no matter what platform they play on.

According to the announcement, this acquisition doesn't mean Logitech will be axing any of ASTRO's existing gear. They even take a moment to talk up the latest A10 headset from the company while assuring fans that their products, and even the brand, won't be going anywhere. That's probably a smart move on Logitech's part. If folks have grown used to seeing the ASTRO brand on their console gaming headsets, you probably don't want to just suddenly switch the name to Logitech.

As competitive gaming becomes more and more popular, we imagine this is only the first big move on the part of Logitech to position themselves to take advantage of that upswing. The Overwatch League is set to kick off within the next year, for instance, so maybe they're looking to partner with some teams to provide gear on both the PC and console front. I also mentioned Destiny above, with the second game in the series finally making its way to PC this fall. These types of games typically draw very dedicated crowds and, due to their popularity, it's not a bad idea for Logitech to get its name, as well as ASTRO, out into the limelight in the coming months.

If we've got any competitive gamers in the audience, we'd be interested in hearing if there are any Logitech or ASTRO products you've grown especially fond of. Also, any thoughts on these two tech producers joining forces like this? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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