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Destiny 2 Buries Paul McCartney's Infamous Song From The First Game, Literally

Cayde 6 ponders the meaning of music

Over the years, Destiny has become known for a growing collection of Easter eggs, frequently demonstrating Bungie's willingness to poke a little fun at their own misfires. It turns out that tradition is alive and well in Destiny 2, with the new game's first hidden surprise actually popping up in the ongoing beta, where a version of Paul McCartney's widely disliked "Hope for the future" can be heard.

Back when the original Destiny launched, one of the first big promotional pushes for the game included a song called "Hope for the future," by Paul McCartney. It was even labeled in some circles as the Destiny theme but, as Polygon is quick to report, fans basically hated it.

In the original game, you could head into the lounge nestled in the Tower and trigger a device that actually played the song. After fan outcry rang out, though, that little "feature" was removed from the game.

The Destiny 2 beta features a mission called "Homecoming," reportedly the first mission you'll play in the upcoming game. The beta has only been live a day, but already folks are utterly picking it apart in order to find any potential secrets. One such secret was discovered within "Homecoming," which takes place in a Tower under siege by a new Cabal threat.

If you head toward where the lounge resides during the mission and just sort of hang out, you'll apparently hear a garbled version of "Hope for the future," echoing forth from the destroyed social space. If you want to hear what the song actually sounds like, well, we've got that for you here.

Okay, confession time: I actually kind of like the song. If you don't watch the video and just listen to the music, everything matches up pretty nicely with the theme of Destiny. There are some solid lyrics in there, too, all about needing to join together and work as one in order to reach a better tomorrow. Again, that all matches up pretty well with Destiny, where the last remnants of humanity are holding on for dear life against a force known only as The Darkness.

Maybe it was because Destiny was already under fire for not delivering on its grand designs in those early days or maybe it's because 12-year-olds don't know who the heck Paul McCartney even is...Or maybe I'm wrong and it's just a bad song. Either way, for whatever reason, "Hope for the future" became one of those Destiny moments you'd think Bungie would rather just forget.

But, just like the legendary loot cave, events that highlighted how terribly cruel the Cryptarch could be or the reinsertion of a line about a certain wizard's place of origin, Bungie has proven they're willing to have a good laugh at their own expense.

It's not like the beta is overstuffed with content but, hey, if you find any other little surprises tucked away somewhere, be sure to let us know about them in the comments below.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.