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Destiny 2 Beta

Activision and Bungie unleashed the Destiny 2 beta for gamers on July 18th, and it was only supposed to last for a couple of days so that the development team could gather feedback and necessary multiplayer data ahead of the September launch. Well, some kindheartedness washed over Bungie because the beta has been extended and you've got a bit more time to play the Destiny 2 beta.

The news comes courtesy of a tweet from the official Bungie help account on Twitter, which posted the message informing the community that Destiny 2's beta would be extended through to Tuesday evening on July 25th at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time.

As recapped by Polygon, the beta originally began for PS4 owners who pre-ordered Destiny 2 on July 18th last week. It was only supposed to last through the weekend, and Xbox One owners along with everyone else were able to get in some game time between Friday, July 21st and Sunday, July 23rd.

The beta was supposed to conclude at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, but Bungie decided to open its heart and offer gamers some extra play-time.

The play-time isn't just for kicks and giggles, though. Bungie is actually using the feedback and data gathered up from players in order to make adjustments to the game leading up to the September 6th release.

So, what sort of changes have been made leading up to release? Well, Bungie's beta design lead Rob Engeln revealed that the team modified the ammunition drop rates, along with modifying the grenade effectiveness in Destiny 2, and giving power weapons a more "reliable" role in the game.

Over on the Bungie blog, Engeln also explained how the player-vs-environment meta game has been tuned and changed drastically, and that the play-testing helps in buffing Bungie's own internally tested data. According to Engeln, the beta is actually based on a months old build of Destiny 2, but the feedback is still invaluable in terms of making micro-adjustments, along with tweaking some of the other gameplay loops to help provide a smoother gameplay experience for players in the final version of the first-person shooter.

Another big change that is being balanced is how weapons work against non-player combatants and the damage dealt to NPCs during combat. It sounds like Bungie wants the game to be more hard-hitting in PvE and to give players more dynamic feedback during enemy NPC encounters. This was definitely one of the bigger drawbacks in the first Destiny, where the combat felt really stilted and mundane. So hopefully the effectiveness of the weapons against the AI in combination with better AI pathfinding and environmental tracking will make for a more challenging and rewarding experience when Destiny 2 launches this September on Xbox One and PS4, and in October for PC.

In the meantime, gamers get to enjoy themselves a bit more with the open beta, which has been extended to Tuesday.

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