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2K Games recently released a new trailer for the latest expansion DLC for the strategy game Civilization VI. The trailer covers just under two minutes worth of features for the expansion that will take gamers to Nubia.

The trailer was recently posted up over on the official Sid Meier's Civilization YouTube channel. It starts off by explaining that the leader of the Nubia expansion is Amanitore. It's explained in the video that during her reign it was the most prosperous times for the Kushite people.

We then get a look at Amanitore's palace, which is still present in Sudan today. The trailer for the expansion speeds through the construction process, which sees the palace being built off the base of a giant rock structure.

We then get a look at the Civilization VI leader's unique abilities, which include Kandake of Meroe and Ta-Seti. The first ability, Kandake of Meroe, allows you to gain extra production bonuses if there's a Nubian pyramid being built near the city center. The second leader attribute, Ta-Seti, grants players 50% bonuses toward ranged units, as well as production and gold bonuses.

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The Nubian pyramids are also a specialty for the group, but can only be built on certain kinds of terrain, including hills, deserts and plains. The pyramids aren't just for show, though. They also provide the citizens with faith bonuses, along with potential food bonuses depending on how close they are to the city centers.

The trailer also rolls out some useful strategic tips for those who want to build up their Nubian empire, including getting a hold of masonry early on in order to construct city centers and establish growth.

As far as establishing an army, the Nubian ranged units rely mostly on the archer class, so you'll have to think about how to establish military might with that minor inconvenience.

The comment section is rife with all sorts of praise, requests and comments about the Civilization series. A lot of people are excited about the possibilities and new content coming to Civilization VI, but others are a bit disappointed that there isn't a proper map showing the real historical location of the region from back when it actually existed, something that they mention was featured during the loading screens of Civilization V.

Others are just excited for the possibility of additional regions being added to the mix, including Prussia, Sweden, and Austria.

2K Games and Firaxis have a ripe garden of opportunities on their hands with all the possibilities presented to them for Civilization VI, so basically it's just a matter of getting the new content made and putting it out for users, like the new Nubian expansion. Maybe, just like with Total War, we'll see the Ottoman or the Mongolians get the spotlight next?

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