Splatfest splatoon 2

The first Splatoon 2 Splatfest came to a close this weekend and many fans are plenty frustrated with the results. In short, the team with vastly superior numbers lost by a very small margin. Mayo FTW.

If you aren't familiar with Splatfest, it's a regularly occurring Splatoon event that asks players to pick a side. The pre-launch beta was a Splatfest event pitting cake versus ice cream and the first official Splatoon 2 event was a battle of condiments: ketchup versus mayo. Once players pick a side, a day's worth of competition results in an ultimate winner being crowned. Mayo proved victorious this week, which has gotten plenty of ketchup fans up in arms.

You might be surprised to discover that Splatoon has a pretty dedicated following that apparently takes these events very seriously. So when this week's results went live on sites like Gamespot, many upset players hopped online to vent their frustration. Here's a look at how the final results shook out.

So as you can see, ketchup had about three times as many fans as mayo in the "pick a side" portion of the competition. However, mayo won both solo matches and team matches by a narrow margin, giving that team the 2-1 victory.

One of the biggest arguments we've seen being thrown around is that Nintendo's matchmaking is to blame, as many ketchup players spent the majority of their time waiting to get into a match. And even when they got into a match, they spent the majority of those playing ketchup versus ketchup which, as far as we can tell, doesn't count toward the team victory totals. I played quite a few hours of Splatoon 2 during this weekend's event for team ketchup and the above scenario is accurate. My waits to get into matches were surprisingly lengthy and, even when that finally happened, I almost exclusively played against other ketchup teams.

The thing is, yes, that's frustrating for the more popular team, but I don't think it throws off the results. Even though the leftover players for team ketchup were left to fight amongst themselves, matches that counted had the same number of representatives from each team. I think the real gripe here would be from folks who simply felt the vast majority of the matches they played as team ketchup didn't contribute to their team's results. When you've got a team outnumbered thrice over, it can be hard to take a defeat.

What might be a real issue, though, are the claims that some folks kind of gamed the system. Longtime Splatoon players -- so the most veteran and potentially most skilled players in the mix -- learned from the previous game that if you are on the more popular team, you kind of get the short end of the stick. So rather than deal with waiting extra long for matches to begin and then playing matches that don't even count toward the end result, they jump on the less popular team and splat their way through the weekend.

Maybe Nintendo will come up with a way to prevent this kind of stuff from happening, but I'm not quite convinced it's necessary. I'm kind of bummed with the final results, but this is Splatoon we're talking about. It's just supposed to be some friendly competition.

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