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Noctis and his homies in Final Fantasy 15

Square Enix is still hard at work getting Final Fantasy XV's multiplayer content ready to roll, but they'll need your help to give things a final polish. To that end, another online beta has been scheduled for the end of this week.

The upcoming multiplayer DLC for Final Fantasy XV, Comrades, isn't ready for prime time just yet, evidenced by the most recent closed beta test that resulted in a lot of server problems. That's exactly why these types of betas exist, so try to keep that in mind if you were one of the folks trying to play the content and found yourself wrestling with frustration instead.

Apparently things were bad enough to warrant another round of testing, as Gamespot is reporting a second closed beta test is set to run from Aug. 11-13, giving folks another chance to take the multiplayer content for a test drive through the weekend. This announcement went live through Twitter, where Square Enix announced the beta will be preceded by an update to improve matchmaking. This included a statement that the developers are doing their best to make sure things run nice and smooth before the official launch, so folks should "keep an eye out for further updates."

For folks who have been picking at the bones of FFXV since December after playing through all of the single player content, Comrades will come as a breath of fresh air since it is a cooperative multiplayer expansion for the game. That is, of course, assuming these beta tests result in a system that actually works.

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In it, players will be able to create their own avatars before joining friends and randos on team-based quests. Squads can be four deep, and all of those new multiplayer quests will be complemented by the usual dose of new weapons, gear, fighting styles and the like. While only a portion of the DLC is available in the beta, it sounds like the full package will be pretty impressive. And for you FFXV purists, Square Enix has stated that a future patch boasting the game's main cast will eventually arrive, too.

Sadly, we still have no release date for Comrades, but we figure these betas mean that the DLC is nearly ready to roll. Then again, this is Square Enix we're talking about, so we could still be eight years out from it finally launching. Either way, when it does, you're going to need to pay for it. While Comrades will be available piece meal, you season pass holders will be happy to know that it is included in that pre-purchased bundle, too.

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