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James Harden in NBA Live 18

We're all used to pre-order bonuses at this point, but it looks like EA may have come up with an incentive that truly makes reserving an early copy of NBA Live 18 worth the effort. Pre-order the game and you'll save yourself 20 bucks.

At this point, we've seen just about every pre-order bonus imaginable. There are the less offensive bonuses, like a physical piece of swag related to the game; and then there are things like platform- or retailer-specific goodies that make you feel like you're missing out on something no matter where you pre-order your game. And then there are those horrible pre-order exclusives where a developer is literally blocking included content from those who don't reserve early.

But even the "good" pre-order bonuses are considered weak sauce at this point. Sure, that Destiny keychain or fold-out Call of Duty poster are nice and all, but it's unlikely they're actually swaying anyone's purchasing decision.

EA might be changing that with NBA Live 18, though, as Gamespot is reporting folks who pre-order the game are getting it at a discounted price. This is possibly the most customer-friendly pre-order bonus to date, and remember it's coming from the folks at Electronic Arts.

Based on the announcement, this offer is not specific to a platform or retailer. Whether you're buying physical or downloading the game from a service like Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, pre-ordering will save you 33 percent off of the standard price. In other words, your final cost will move from $60 to $40 if you're willing to buy early. That's kind of a huge move on EA's part, knowing that Live 18 will be in direct competition with NBA 2K18.

And they're not asking you to buy on blind faith, either. The game is set to launch on Sept. 15, but a demo will be available on both the PS4 and Xbox One tomorrow, Aug. 11. If you like what you play, then, for the first time in our recollection, we can say a pre-order feels like it will actually benefit the player. If you're not impressed, though, that 2K game will arrive just a few days later.

That's not the only recent NBA Live 18 news to come from EA recently, either. They also announced that James Harden of the Houston Rockets will be the cover star for this year's game and, as recently reported, the WNBA will make its video game debut in the upcoming basketball title.

We don't know how Live 18 will turn out in the end, but it certainly appears EA is doing everything in its power to make sure players at least give it a fighting chance. After you check out the demo, let us know in the comments below if you'll be taking advantage of this $20 pre-order bonus.

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