Cayde-6 in Destiny 2

PAX West is just over the horizon, with guest speakers, panels and all sorts of activities already filling the schedule of the four-day event. Organizers have also now announced the event's keynote speaker, with Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith set to take the stage.

Due out in just a few weeks, Destiny 2 is set to return players to the world of Bungie's latest megahit, where they'll likely spend the next several years shooting aliens, picking up loot and arguing over which Exotic weapon is OP in competitive modes. One of the big focuses of the game, though, will be its narrative. The original Destiny boasted a story that many critics agree was lackluster. Over the years, Bungie grew to better understand how to weave a compelling yarn in their new game world, which is why the continuation of that tale has been such a big focus in the months leading up to Destiny 2. It looks like that topic will be a big part of Smith's talk during the PAX West keynote, which is dubbed "Storytime."

Smith found his way onto the Bungie team while working at, where in 2007 he published a feature focusing on Halo 2 and ways the developer could "fix" the game. That led to a job with the studio, where he went on to work on Halo: Reach and eventually Destiny.

According to Penny Arcade co-founder Jerry Holkins, Smith should bring an interesting perspective to his keynote talk. It sounds like Holkins is angling for a job working with Bungie, too.

Luke Smith has been around the block, and I can't wait to pick his brain about it. I'm also going to see if they need writers over there at Bungie, because I've written a lot of fan fiction under various pseudonyms and I've got a ton of great ideas.

On top of Smith's keynote address, several additional panels have also been announced including Gearbox Software's "Inside Gearbox," Monolith Soft's "Middle-earth: Shadow of War," and CD Projekt RED's "Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of The Witcher." A full list of panels and events can be found on the official website, with the PAX West team promising that the talks will also be streamed via Twitch, for those who can't attend.

PAX West is set to run from Sept. 1-4 in Seattle, WA. If you were hoping to attend, hopefully, you've already reserved your badge. According to the website, the event is totally sold out. But, again, even if you can't go, plenty of live feeds and coverage will be coming out of the event, so it's almost like you're actually there yourself...Only not really.

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