An old-school tabletop game from the yesteryears of gaming is making its return, only this time it's doing so in the form of an interactive entertainment title on PC. That's right, Ogre is making a return to form as a turn-based strategy game on Steam this October.

There's a Steam app page that recently popped up for Ogre, revealing that the game is due for release on October 5th. The military strategy game centers around a powerful AI-powered tank unit known as the Ogre. These units are strong enough to take on entire battalions of tanks and other infantry.

Players will take to the battlefields to control various units, duking it out in the art of turn-based, military strategy simulation. The 3D tactical game from developer Auroch Digital takes the classic tabletop game ruleset from 1986, along with the G.E.V., rules, and expands on them for today's generation of gaming.

This isn't just a casual turn-based game, though. Ogre promises a full-on, brand new campaign mode that players will have to battle through, and each mission has been hand-crafted and designed in collaboration with Steve Jackson Games. Hence, the campaign will attempt to replicate an authentic experience that matches what was featured in the tabletop game.

For those more-so interested in controlling the field and simply putting their tactical prowess to the test, there are skirmish modes and a tutorial mode for single players. You can also customize the skirmishes to fight against the AI under specific conditions and utilizing certain rules.

Outside of the single-player mode, there're also a variety of multiplayer options as well, including the classic turn-based PvP mode via online play, along with casual PvP, ranked matches, and proper matchmaking. Auroch also went a bit old-school by including the classic hotseat swap mode, so two players can have it at during local multiplayer games.

There will be a variety of maps to play across, including different terrain types, different bodies of water, and different topography to help mix up the sort of strategies that need to be employed for various units. And speaking of units... the game includes tanks, G.E.V.s., infantry units, marines, howitzers, and four different iterations of the Ogres. Two different factions will also be available, including the American Combine and the Paneuropean Federation.

Specific to the Steam version is Steam achievements, trading cards, Steam notifications, and Steam cloud support for saving your game and sharing it across multiple devices.

If you're worried about the system requirements, don't be. This isn't Crysis. You'll be able to play Ogre on any OS between Windows 7 and Windows 10. Heck, you don't even need a 64bit system... 32bit will do. A quad-core CPU at 1.8GHz is the bare minimum on the processor front, along with 4GB of RAM and an Intel HD GPU 4000 or better.

If you enjoy grid-based military sims, or if you come from classics like Advanced Wars or Panzer General, you might want to keep your eyes on Ogre when it finally launches on Steam starting October 5th this fall.

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