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Overwatch's D.Va is getting an upgrade

Overwatch is full of interesting characters, with just about any player being able to connect with someone on the roster; whether it's due to personality or play style. Sometimes, though, no amount of love will keep a character viable and, when that happens, it's time for the developers to step in and patch things up. According to a recent post from Blizzard, that's exactly what's happening with the mech-driving heroine, D.Va.

There's a lot going on in Overwatch these days, from the Summer Games to the steadily building eSports league and the new Team Deathmatch mode. With all of those changes, it's no surprise that characters will need a tweak of their own from time to time. According to Geoff Goodman over on the Overwatch Blog, Blizzard is doing exactly that with D.Va.

In response to a discussion wherein D.Va's current usefulness was called into question, Goodman explained that the character is undergoing some "significant changes" that have been in the testing phase internally at Blizzard for some time now.

Rather than leave everyone guessing, Goodman decided to list off all of the big changes that players can expect to see in a future update. He ended by saying that Overwatch's mech driver is a ton of fun to play with the new alterations and that Blizzard looks forward to sharing everything with players soon.

*Defense Matrix: Energy drain increased by 2x. This means her effective uptime for this ability has been reduced by 50 percent.

*Boosters: D.Va can now use her Fusion Cannons while flying.

*New ability - Micro Missiles: D.Va launches a long salvo of small missiles that explode on impact, dealing damage in a small radius around them. This ability can be used while using her other abilities or firing her Fusion Cannons.

Goodman explained that the combination of these abilities allow D.Va to play more aggressively and deal more damage to the opponent. The cost, obviously, is that her Defense Matrix won't be as readily available. Still, Goodman explained that it will still be a very powerful move so long as players time its use well.

It seems pretty obvious that these changes are partially due to the new deathmatch mode, and we wouldn't be surprised to see more character adjustments in Overwatch go that direction. It actually kind of reminds us of what has been done with LawBreakers, which I still think every-dang-body needs to give a shot. In that game, the characters are balanced in such a way that they can all go toe-to-toe with each other, making team composition less important. Oddly, that game doesn't offer a deathmatch mode. So now we have Overwatch, which builds characters so that they're made to complement each other rather than square off 1-to-1 with any opponent, and they're the ones who have implemented a deathmatch mode. Not making a point, just thought that was kind of interesting.

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