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Final Fantasy XV Is Getting A Mobile Edition And It's Adorable

If you haven't played through Final Fantasy XV yet because you simply haven't had time to sit down and dig into the epic RPG on consoles, Square Enix may have come up with a solution. It's called Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, and it apparently lets you play through the entire game while on the go. Also, it's damn cute.

This is easily one of the most ambitious mobile projects we've heard of to date. According to Square Enix, this Pocket Edition of Final Fantasy XV is a condensed version of the game's campaign that replaces the graphics with cute little chibi characters but, otherwise, will take you through all of the key beats.

Heading to iOS and Android this fall, FFXVPE will focus on the "main story" from the original game, which we assume means that most of the side quests and extra activities have been trimmed out. Even focusing on the central narrative, we figure this has to be a pretty insane undertaking to work through on mobile. Based on the launch trailer, the game is still fully voiced, boasts semi-open world exploration, active battles, boss fights, the camping/cooking functionality and more.

Square Enix is also promising casual touch controls that have been optimized for the mobile platform, which means anyone and everyone should be able to pick up this version of Final Fantasy XV and dive in without feeling overwhelmed. That's actually a pretty good idea, since we imagine plenty of folks simply skipped over this one because the idea of taking on an epic JRPG can be pretty daunting. Break it into bite-sized pieces that you can play on your phone, though, and we imagine Square Enix will be winning over some new fans here.

As for the structure, the game will be told over the course of 10 chapters, though no word yet on how long each chapter will take players to complete. Even if they are only an hour each, we're still talking about a 10-hour mobile game. That's pretty impressive.

When the first chapter of this mobile FFXV launches, it'll be available free of charge. The remaining nine chapters will come at a cost, though the publisher has not yet revealed what that cost might be. We're curious how much real estate this game will take up on phones, too. We assume there will be an option to simply keep the chapter you're currently playing on the device with the save file transferring over, but that hasn't been confirmed. Otherwise, we imagine it's going to be a bit of a beast.

Based on the comments, some folks are excited to play FFXV in this new way and others seem to wish Square Enix would focus their efforts on finishing/fixing the console game. We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.