If you missed out on the original Destiny, or perhaps you just want a thorough refresher on the lore before hopping into Destiny 2, then you'll want to check out a recently uploaded video that packs in everything you need to know about Bungie's FPS world.

Coming in at an hour and a half, YouTube user "My name is Byf" has put together something of a master class in all things Destiny. Spanning the length of a standard movie, you'll be bombarded by facts about the game's worlds, alien races and the struggles that rage across the solar system.

The video's description labels it as "the complete story of Destiny from the 21st century to the start of Destiny 2." That's a lot of ground to cover, and Byf does it in a pretty entertaining fashion. The details go on to explain you'll be treated to a full timeline from the game's world, as well as info on major events, key characters, loads of lore, backstories and more.

What's interesting about Destiny is that its campaign was originally noted as a weak point in many reviews. We were told that there is a big floating orb in the sky known as The Traveler, and that there was a force known as The Darkness trying to destroy it. Fighting for that enemy threat was a collection of alien races. On the side of the Light are the Guardians, chosen soldiers who cannot die and find themselves in possession of unique abilities. The majority of these heroes operate out of The Tower, nestled in mankind's final stronghold.

Obviously, the story goes into more detail, but not all that much. The tale was further fleshed out in DLC chapters but, from the very beginning, the best way to learn about the world of Destiny was through the Grimoire, cards containing all sorts of background information and extra details.

The crazy thing is, there's a lot of interesting story to plow through in all of those cards. The full story of Destiny is actually pretty compelling, but the original game did a pretty poor job of placing that information front and center. Thankfully, Destiny 2 will solve that problem by doing away with the Grimoire and putting more emphasis on telling a story through gameplay but, for those of you who want to get caught up before diving in, the above video is a solid path to take.

Obviously, this video encyclopedia of all things Destiny was a huge undertaking, so good on Byf for pulling it all together. We think he pulled out the most interesting bits without going too far down the rabbit hole, which serves as a perfect primer leading into Destiny 2 when it launches Sept. 5.

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