A vandal is super excited for Borderlands 3

It's been a long time coming, but it looks like the team at Gearbox is finally moving full steam ahead on Borderlands 3. According to Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford, nearly the whole team is on board.

We are boots on the ground at PAX West this week, and during the Gearbox panel Randy Pitchford said something that is likely to make a whole bunch of FPS fans happy. While the developer apparently still isn't ready to say the words Borderlands 3, we figure there's only one way this brief comment from Pitchford can be interpreted.

At this moment at least 90 percent of our productive capability is working on the thing that I think most of you guys want to see us working on.

It doesn't take a mind reader to know that Randy Pitchford is talking about the beloved Borderlands series. The first game in the series launched years ago and wowed everyone with its unique cell-shaded art style and about a bajillion guns. The sequel upped the ante with new classes and even more guns. Then came the Pre-Sequel, which didn't blow quite as many peoples' hair back.

But that's not where the Borderlands support ended in recent years. Gearbox teamed up with Telltale to offer up the highly underrated Tales from the Borderlands, and Borderlands Online is even being developed by Shanda Games as a China-exclusive game. While all of that was going on, Gearbox themselves offered up the infamous Battleborn, a game that took the attitude of Borderlands and plugged it into a hero shooter that really wasn't as similar to Overwatch as everyone assumed. The problem is that it launched right alongside Overwatch and, well, we all know how that turned out. The sad part is that Battleborn is actually pretty-damn-good, but few were willing to give it a gander while standing in the shadow of Blizzard's massive shooter success. Battleborn has basically gone free-to-play at this point, so hopefully it has a decent future lined up in front of it.

We kind of feel for the folks at Gearbox, who clearly wanted to try their hands at something different from the series they had been tied to for so many years. But we also imagine not a day goes by that they aren't flooded with comments boiling down to little more than "where the hell is Borderlands 3?"

Based on what Pitchford is saying at PAX, that very game has become the primary focus of the team, even if they don't end up calling it Borderlands 3. But since we're still at the not-so-vague hinting portion of the hype cycle, it's probably not a good idea to start holding your breath or anything. If they're not even willing to say a name, we're probably still a couple of years of from playing it.

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