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Even though Monster Hunter is easily one of the most popular game series out there, there aren't many clones of it at the moment... until now. Developer Phoenix Labs recently had its title enter into closed beta, and it did so with a CBT launch trailer that has gamers excited and stoked to hop into the dangerous and fascinating world.

The trailer was posted up over on the Play Dauntless YouTube channel, where it highlights a minute and a half of intense action for gamers to absorb. While the game may be in closed-beta testing, it's not available on Steam yet, nor home consoles.

Anyway, the trailer starts with an axe lodged in the desert sand, followed by a clip of a warrior bending down to retrieve the axe. The trailer moves along briskly, showcasing a giant bird creature landing on a perch in a forested area, which gives gamers some scope on the different biomes and locations that you can visit throughout the world of Dauntless.

We also get to see some of the forms of travel in the game, including a cool looking airship that flies overhead. It's an impressive looking ship that mixes some of the old age of sail designs with a sleek futuristic look.

The airships work as the transportation method, going from one isle to the next, in order to hunt the monsters. A group of four players hop out of the airship and hit the ground running.

This sequence is used to show how you can travel to different biomes and deal with the different conditions of hunting. This includes the aforementioned desert areas, snowy mountains, green forests and mountainous regions.

We then get to see a collage of clips featuring the various monsters lobbing attacks at the player-characters, including projectiles, aerial attacks, and more.

As mentioned, Dauntless plays out a lot like Monster Hunter games, where players will have to learn the patterns for each of the monster encounters and utilize your skills to overcome them. The big difference between Monster Hunter and Dauntless, is that you don't just keep wailing away on the monsters until they die. Instead, you'll have to pick a body part and continue to attack it until it gets damaged.

Here is where Phoenix Labs' multiplayer RPG really picks up, because the visible damage that appears on the monsters indicates how close you are to finishing them off. You can reduce their attacks by cutting off their tails or horns, or cripple their flight by damaging their wings.

There's a strong strategic element to the hack-and-slash title that's a little bit similar to Shadow of the Colossus. The closed beta registration for Dauntless is going on right now, and you can find out how to get in on the action by visiting the official website.

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