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If you want to survive in the arena shooter market, you've got to offer something truly unique. The folks responsible for the indie platforming gem, Grow Home, look to have done exactly that with their next offering, Atomega. Take a look.

The tricky thing about arena shooters is that, in a post-Overwatch world, it's hard not to immediately be compared to that 700-pound gorilla of a game. Check in on games like Battleborn and LawBreakers if you don't believe me. Both of those games do a good job of setting themselves apart from the pack with some solid, unique gameplay, but shooter fans weren't really willing to give either a fighting chance.

So, if nothing else, at least we can say that there should be no way for gamers to confuse Atomega with any other arena shooter on the market, and that might work out very well in publisher Ubisoft's favor.

If you take a look at the trailer, you'll see that this new blast-a-thon has creative new gameplay systems to go along with its unique look. There's a bit of lore to explain the proceedings, but it's a bit off the wall and, if we're being totally honest, probably totally unnecessary.

As the story goes, the universe is coming to an end and both humans and machines have become Exoforms, which is apparently a fancy way of saying blocky, single-cell organisms. So as a way to keep themselves busy, these Exoforms have set up an arena and started waging war. The entire game is set on a single map which, if we're understanding the PR from Ubisoft correctly, is sort of perpetually looped within the last moments of the universe.

All of that bonkers lore aside, the game actually looks super interesting. You start out as a single block with barely a lick of power. As you collect extra blocks lying around the arena, you become more complicated in form, evolving to a little raptor-looking thing and on up to a massive humanoid brute. We imagine there are other forms in the middle, but that's what we were able to pick out in the video. Your abilities grow along with your size, but it looks like you can actually take out opponents no matter what form you have taken. Still, if you'd rather stay hidden until you are more formidable, you can continue to grow by simply picking up additional cubes. Rounds only last 10 minutes and, again, there's only one map at launch, kind of like what you see with some MOBAs.

If that sounds like a good time, then you can get your hands on Atomega starting Sept. 9 for $9.99 on Steam. No word on if it will jump to other platforms but, as with most games these days, I feel it would be a perfect fit on the Switch.