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Okami HD

One of Capcom's most beloved games that never really sold quite up to the levels of praise it received was Okami. Clover Studios' highly original adventure game was oftentimes compared to The Legend of Zelda. Well, if you missed out on the game two generations ago, you can look forward to playing a 4K-ready version later this year.

Capcom made the announcement recently over on the Capcom-Unity page, where it was revealed that Okami HD is making a return to form for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC this December. For PS4 Pro and Xbox One X owners, the game will support native 4K resolutions -- which also applies to PC gamers, but I figured that would go without saying -- and offer gamers the smooth performance afforded by today's technology.

Capcom has updated the game so that it can finally be played in widescreen format instead of the standard 4:3 screen ratio, meaning you can finally enjoy those crisp, inked-outline graphics and cel-shading in gorgeous 16:9 widescreen mode.

There's actually a brief showcase of what the game looks like running on the PS4, Xbox One and PC for today's generation of consoles and gaming platforms. Capcom released a three minute video offering a look at the title in native 1080p. Strangely, the post doesn't say if the game will be 1080p natively on the Xbox One and PS4, but it's likely assumed that the new version will be 1080p, especially since the re-release on the PS3 was in HD.

It's weird, but the game doesn't look that much different on the new systems. I think it was because Okami was originally designed for the PlayStation 2 and later the Wii, and had a very distinctive art-style that was more about visually mixing literati themes with comic-book style outlines and depictions, creating a very distinctive look no matter what the original resolution was. It's one of the few reasons why the game still holds up to this very day, even on the original PS2 and Wii.

And, speaking of Nintendo's console... some of the very first comments in the thread on the Capcom Unity page are requesting the one console everyone would expect to see in a comment section about a game that was previously on the Wii: Where is the Nintendo Switch release?

This has been echoed all across the entire internet where news about the re-release of Okami HD for home consoles and PC was found. A lot of people really want to play Okami on the Nintendo Switch.

I can't blame anyone for asking, because Nintendo's hybrid device is the hottest gaming ticket on the market right now, and even though I was never a fan of the original game, the idea of being able to use the motion controls and HD rumble to perform brush-stroke attacks, and solve puzzles could easily prove to be a huge selling point for the game on the Switch.

Anyway, for now, you'll have to settle with getting Okami HD on the PS4, Xbox One or on PC this December.

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