For the start of Season 3 of For Honor, Ubisoft has decided to introduce a brand new game mode to the fold called Tribute. It's an all new multiplayer game mode designed for 4-vs-4 PvP where two teams will duke it out across various maps. You can watch the trailer below.

The mode is pretty neat because it's more of a condensed, intimate capture the flag variation. There are three relic offerings scattered throughout the stage, the objective is to race to the offerings and grab them before the opposing team does. You'll then need to race back to your base and place the offerings down to score a buff.

Each offering unlocks a different buff, including an offensive buff, a defensive buff, or an awareness buff. You'll need to steal the offering and take it to the appropriate shrine in order to activate the buff for your entire team. It's an interesting new take for the For Honor PvP modes and will likely find itself an audience of interested gamers looking for something different.

You'll be able to secure victory of the match by successfully capturing all three of the offerings, at which point a countdown timer will begin and players will need to defend their shrines until the timer reaches zero. At that point, the team with the offerings will win the round.

One of the major differences between this mode and the other modes is that there are no AI to help you out this time, so, usually, while you could rely on friendly or enemy units to distract your foes during an encounter, this time around you won't have any of that to help you.

Ubisoft also has plans on showcasing the mode a bit more in depth during a live-stream over on the official Twitch channel, where the demonstration will air on September 14th at 12pm Eastern Standard Time. So, if you're working and you manage to get off on your lunch break, you can check out the new For Honor mode in action to see what it will be like when it finally becomes available for all players.

The feedback for the mode has been cautiously optimistic. It's not hard to see why, though. A lot of people point out that the Shinobi character class will have a distinct advantage on everyone else due to the speed boost. So that will be an interesting element to see play out during the matches.

Others are excited because they feel as if it will be less chaotic than the Dominion mode where there are NPCs and players running around, killing each other, and attempting to take over the choke points in a map to score a victory. Ultimately we'll get to see what the new For Honor mode is like when Ubisoft showcases it on Thursday.

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