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Very few single-player games manage to stay relevant and receive consistent updates an entire year after release. Well, Square Enix seems to have a different kind of philosophy about that when it comes to Final Fantasy XV. In fact, the game is evolving from an epic single-player adventure into a prequel multiplayer title starting October 31st. Take a look.

The news was revealed in a two minute trailer over on the official Final Fantasy XV YouTube channel. The two minute trailer does a small recap of Chapter 13 from the base Final Fantasy XV. It covers the segment involving Noctis combining the ring with the crystal where he went into hibernation for a decade, growing in power but also leaving the world to darkness.

During this time the demons ran amok on the planet and other heroes had to step up to fight in his stead. The trailer then moves over to showing a group of randoms in a truck driving down the road before it introduces the title of the DLC, which is named "Comrades."

We then get a few clips of the player-character running around town, visiting some of the town NPCs to purchase items, as well as interacting with Cid in order to craft some new gear.

Later on the traveling aspects that made up a large part of the journey in the original outing of Final Fantasy XV make a return, and we see that multiple players can team up together and head out around the game world to engage in battle or complete quests together, almost like an MMO.

Combat is largely the same, with real-time hack-and-slash tactics being present, along with magic attacks and projectile abilities. The combat here looks a lot closer to the likes of Monster Hunter than a typical Final Fantasy outing, so fans of that style of combat mechanics should be pleased.

You don't have to rely on the typical modes of transport, though. You can also hoof it on foot with your teammates or ride Chocobos. Speaking of which, you can also outfit your character in a Chocobo costume if you so wish.

The story behind the Comrades expansion is pretty interesting because it will essentially flesh out the narrative that took place between the 10 year gap that Noctis went missing in the crystal. For those who played the game, you might remember that by the time Noct came back things were not that great. So maybe they'll explain not only what happened just after he left but also how things devolved as badly as they did by the time he returned?

Anyway, you will need the base game if you plan on getting the Comrades expansion. It's due for release on October 31st for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

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