Who would have thought that a six-year-old game like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would still be receiving regular updates? Well, Bethesda is taking advantage of the built-in audience for the game with an all new Survival Mode that's been made available in beta for the new Skyrim Creation Club feature.

Over on the official Bethesda website, the company announced that gamers can currently beta test the Creation Club's new Survival Mode for Skyrim. You'll have to opt-in using the Steam client to gain access to the Survival Mode, which is currently only available for PC gamers at the moment.

The post does reveal that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will soon be able to dive into the Survival Mode as well starting at some point in early October, but no release date was revealed just yet.

So, what is the Survival Mode? Well, it's quite self-explanatory. If you've ever played any of the dozens of survival games on Steam, such as The Forest, or DayZ, or H1Z1, you know exactly what you're in for. Those games force players to have to adapt to their environments, scavenge for food, deal with the harsh weather, staying warm, dealing with storms, fighting off wildlife and predatory animals, and ultimately attempting to reach the end of the game with just one life. Skyrim's Survival Mode does not deviate from that premise at all.

Much like in Don't Starve, players will have to watch their hunger meter, hunt for food to keep their stamina intact, and be careful of what they eat. For instance, if you begin to starve you'll lose the total amount of stamina that you have. Alternatively, if you eat raw meat before cooking or curing it, you will contract food poisoning. You'll also need salts, spices, and other herbs to help give your food a buff, not unlike Monster Hunter.

Fatigue is another factor that will set in, requiring you to rest often. If you get too fatigued you won't be able to use your magic. Cold weather will make it difficult for you to traverse the landscape, so wearing warm clothes are essential in the colder climates. You can also eat hot soups to raise your temperature.

Convenience features like fast travel and health regeneration have been disabled. You'll actually have to travel to your destinations now, making exploration and trekking that much more difficult.

Overall carry-weight has been reduced, afflictions have been added to the game, and diseases have been made more prominent. You can be addled with afflictions that decrease your magic abilities, frostbitten to the point of having a hard time pick-locking or pulling back the string on your bow, or weakened to the point where holding up your shield or striking with your sword becomes less effective.

Players who can turn into werewolves or who are vampires can also feed on others to restore health.

Some gamers who have been opting in have noted that after the Survival Mode exits beta it will cost 800 credits to purchase. Some people are a bit miffed at the idea, given that there are other Survival Modes currently available for free from NexusMods or the Steam Workshop. Others, such as PS4 gamers, are excited since overhaul mods aren't allowed on the PS4 if they change the assets.

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