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Diablo 3

Are you excited about this year's upcoming BlizzCon? Can't wait to learn more about World of Warcraft, Overwatch, StarCraft and maybe Diablo? Well, one of those franchises actually won't be discussed at this year's event.

According to a post over on the official Battle.net forums, a community manager posted up a message from the Diablo development team, who explained,

This year, we want to give you a heads-up that while Diablo will be on the show floor, we won't be making any new Diablo announcements. There will be a time for that at some point in the future, but that time is not now.

Diablo III has been on the receiving end of quite a few announcements since 2012 when it debuted for PC. Shortly thereafter Blizzard Entertainment also announced that the game would be arriving on home consoles. Additional expansion packs, the removal of the RMAH and eventual updates that would further improve and enhance the game.

This news about Diablo III not having any major announcements at BlizzCon was prefaced with Blizzard announcing that the old-school cathedral dungeon from the previous Diablo games, which is also making a return in the third-outing this upcoming January in 2018. Recently the developers also announced that there was a new class joining the cast of playable characters in the form of the Necromancer.

At he present Blizzard is currently working on patch 2.6.1 for Diablo III, which is in the public test realm at the moment. This also marks the end of support for Windows Vista and Windows XP. The PTR version of the update makes some changes to the Barbarian, Crusader, Monk, and Necromancer skills, along with some minor changes to the Witch Doctor and Wizard.

The update also makes use of fixing some of the bugs in the game, from various skills and enemies being tweaked, to some of the pets and items receiving fixes.

The update for 2.6.1 is currently undergoing the typical iteration and refinement phase during the public test realm. This will likely be the last major update for Diablo III before BlizzCon gets underway.

However, as was mentioned in the update on the site, the action-RPG looter won't be on the receiving end of any major announcements at this year's event. In all likelihood the studio will likely focus on announcements for the eSports league of Overwatch. It's also likely that Blizzard will put more attention into unleashing announcements about more content for the hero shooter, likely in the form of more maps and maybe a new character.

Also, don't be surprised if World of Warcraft gets something announced as well. While the MMO may not be the cash cow it used to be, it's still significant enough as a part of the company's portfolio for Blizzard to pay it some mind at the studio's biggest convention of the year. The only thing you shouldn't be expecting is an announcement about Diablo III.

BlizzCon is set to take place this year between November 3rd and November 3rd this fall.

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