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Blizzard's popular hero-shooter Overwatch is now undergoing its annual Halloween treatment with a special Halloween Terror event that's currently going on right now and will last up until November 1st. Gamers who want to get in on the event need to do nothing more than log into the game and start having fun with the frightful festivities. Get a look at what you can expect right here:

The event will see a number of new skins being made available for Overwatch's extensive roster of playable heroes. This includes a Cthulhu-inspired skin for Zenyatta, a dragon-themed overhaul for Symmetra, an, apropos, Van Helsing skin for the cowboy McCree, and zombie skins for Hanzo and Soldier76.

All of the new skins for the characters are Legendary status, and can be acquired by unlocking the skins by playing through the game modes. And, speaking of game modes, there are two PvE Brawls available this year, including Junkenstein's Revenge and the new Junkenstein Endless Brawl. Both of the Brawls feature two different sets of playable characters as a handful of players must battle through seemingly endless waves of Junkenstein's monstrous horde.

The horde mode was popular when it debuted last year, and it seems like Blizzard is bringing it back for gamers this year.

The maps for the Halloween event will also take players to Eichenwalde and Hollywood. The maps are themed after classic horror movie aesthetics, with a dark sky overhead and plenty of torches and cobblestone architecture littered throughout the environment.

Players will also be able to unlock a total of 50 new items in Overwatch, which includes the all new Legendary skins, and the new emotes, splashes and stickers.

This is the second year that Blizzard has decided to tackle the Halloween event for Overwatch. While the initial launch hype may have died down, the company is still moving forward with keeping and maintaining community interest leading up to the big Overwatch eSports league in 2018.

Blizzard has been trying new things with Overwatch and continually pumping out new events for the team-based hero shooter. A lot of gamers wanted a story mode, but the company is intent on keeping the lore mostly based on the comic books, short films, and ARGs.

If you have the game and you want to check out the returning PvE horde mode, you can do so right now. The Halloween event got underway on October 10th, and it will run all the way up until November 1st, just a day after Halloween. The event will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One gamers.

If you don't have time to grind for the Legendary skins, Blizzard is offering up a Halloween themed loot box over on the Overwatch website. You can also check out some of the skins for each of the characters as well.

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