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Square Enix had to delay the highly anticipated multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV. It was originally supposed to be due out in October but now the date has been moved back. For how long? Well, not that long since it's due out in November.

The news about Square Enix delaying the multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV was shared on the official Final Fantasy XV Twitter account. It briefly informed gamers that, due to some last minute adjustments, the expansion will now be released in early November.

Originally the multiplayer update was going to release on October 31st for Xbox One and PS4 owners. However, the plan to delay the update due to some unforeseen technical issues -- pushing it inevitably into November -- isn't too big of a letdown.

While the Twitter account doesn't delve into the nitty gritty details of why the delay occurred, we can deduce that the adjustments must have been on the technical side when it comes to certification, since a couple of weeks is usually how long it takes to get a patch approved by Sony and Microsoft.

So, what sort of technical issue did Square have to resolve? Well, the tweet mentions "best possible experience," so it could have been related to performance. Usually a delay of a couple of weeks is something performance related. It's not a far-fetched issue at all given that Final Fantasy XV is already a massive game and getting it to run at just 30fps on the Xbox One and PS4 already seemed like a real task for the Luminous Engine. Tacking a multiplayer component on to an already massive game usually just makes things worse, from a performance perspective.

It's not to out of the norm that Square may have focused attention on addressing some of the last minute technical and network hiccups that the team may have encountered while wrapping up development on the expansion.

Heck, the Luminous Engine was so hefty and carried so much resource overhead with it that Square didn't seem to be able to get it to run on the Nintendo Switch when the company began considering porting Final Fantasy XV to it. Of course, that doesn't mean the game will never come to the Switch, just that it's highly unlikely that it will do so while running on the Luminous Engine. DICE ran into a similar problem with the Frostbite on the Switch, with EA Sports having to swap out the Frostbite for another engine to get FIFA 18 to run on the system.

In this case, the issue of getting multiplayer up and running in Final Fantasy XV on the Xbox One and PS4 didn't seem to require a complete engine overhaul like some games being ported to the Switch, but it did require enough technical know-how and a few road blocks that required a slight delay of the expansion.

You can now look forward to the multiplayer component going live this November.

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