A geared-up participant ready for PUBG

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, known to most as simply PUBG, has skyrocketed into the stratosphere over the past year. But while the game hasn't even officially launched just yet, many are starting to speculate about what might be included in a possible sequel. According to the game's creator, a follow-up isn't even on the radar.

PUBG has been in a state of early access for about a year now, with its official launch slated for later this year on both the PC and Xbox One. Already a massive success, the game's framework is pretty simple: A hundred people get dropped onto a large island and are expected to scavenge for gear in order to be the last person standing in a conflict zone that is continually shrinking.

Obviously, there's a lot of growing room to enhance the PUBG experience, but creator Brendan Greene isn't planning on saving anything for a sequel. Speaking with IGN, he said that the plan is simply to keep building on PUBG itself rather than plan for a second game.

We're building this game as a service. We'll still have the boxed copy that you buy...we still want to polish and refine and add more maps, add more assets, and continually refine the gameplay and optimize as we go forward.

In other words, Greene and Co. are giving PUBG the Minecraft treatment rather than the Call of Duty treatment, and that makes perfect sense. There's never been a Minecraft 2 because that game is perfectly suited to just sort of grow organically. Rather than worry about new graphics, a compelling story mode or a new game engine, the developers have instead continued to bolt more and more content onto the core package over the years. As a result, Minecraft is an absolutely massive game that dedicated fans still support through DLC to this day. Heck, it just launched on the Switch and 3DS, adding two new platforms to its quest for total domination.

PUBG is similar to Minecraft in that the core game is pretty simple but also extremely compelling. From new mechanics and gear to new maps and maybe even modes, plenty of fresh content can be pumped into the core game in the coming years. That's a far better way to keep a community engaged than taking a couple of years off to develop PUBG 2: More PUBG.

And, given that the game's publisher has broken off a separate studio just to focus on creating content for PUBG, we imagine the hits are going to keep on coming.

So what do you think, folks? Are you happy to hear Greene plans to simply keep building on the core PUBG experience, or would you rather the team's efforts start funneling into a full sequel once the first game launches? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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