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The newest trailer for Detroit: Become Human from Quantic Dream was showcased during this year's Paris Games Week, featuring three minutes of clips that paint a rather interesting picture about the choices that will be thrust into your hands when the game launches for PS4 in 2018.

The trailer was posted as part of the roll out of new footage that Sony was showcasing during the Paris Games Week, and Quantic Dream took the opportunity to give gamers more insight into one of the three playable characters in Detroit: Become Human.

The trailer is a little difficult to describe because it's not linear. Instead what we see is a collection of clips and possibilities based on a narrative thread. The thread is that players take control of an android named Kara. Kara is a caretaker for a child in a lower class neighborhood. It turns out that the young girl's dad is grief-stricken over his wife leaving him for another man, and he's also physically abusive toward his daughter.

During his fits he hits on his child, and at times he also gets physically aggressive with Kara, the android.

In one particular sequence we see that players have an opportunity to explore the home while the father is gone. This is where Detroit: Become Human gets interesting.

Players making choices will determine the fate of the three playable characters throughout the game. Much like Heavy Rain it's also possible to "fail" but the game will just keep going on.

In the scenarios we see above in the trailer, Kara at one point goes snooping around the home, at the behest of the player controlling her, of course. During the snooping she discovers a gun. We then begin to see a series of possibilities that spawn from Kara's snooping. In one instance the father comes home and catches Kara, choking her after she finds the gun. In another instance Kara manages to hide the gun and when the father goes upstairs to abuse his daughter the player is given the choice of either staying downstairs or going up and following him.

In another scenario it's also possible to go upstairs and protect the little girl from her father. While up in the room we see another series of possibilities, such as Kara and the little girl attempting to escape through the window of the home. Kara also attempts to fire the gun at the father.

The series of options and routes are plentiful and most certainly will appeal to people who liked David Cage's previous outings such as Beyond: Two Souls and Indigo Prophecy. You can look for Quantic Dream's Detroit: Too Human to launch next year for the PS4, and pre-orders are already open over on the PlayStation Store for the PS4.

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