Hard to believe, but Mega Man is celebrating his 30th birthday this year. To celebrate, Capcom has announced that the next numbered game in the main series is in development, heading our way in 2018. Get ready to clap your peepers on Mega Man 11.

With Mega Man celebrating its third decade of gaming goodness, we figured we were in for some big news once Capcom announced they'd be hosting a special livestream to commemorate the occasion. Still, we weren't really expecting a proper sequel to the core series that, while boasting a graphical upgrade, looks to play exactly like the classic titles.

Capcom made the next Mega Man game official with a brief trailer showing off gameplay. Once the Blue Bomber picks up a special "30th" token, he's teleported to a new 3D world with graphics that definitely look more at home on modern consoles.

While the first eight games in the series launched across the NES and SNES consoles, the Mega Man series went off on a whole bunch of tangents before returning to proper form just this past generation. Both Mega Man 9 and 10 launched on platforms like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but, even so, they maintained a look that harkened back to the NES era.

That's not the case with Mega Man 11, which looks to be bringing the series kicking and screaming into the modern age. Of course, that means it's going to be almost impossible to not make comparisons to Mighty No. 9, the new game from one of the godfathers of the Mega Man series, Keiji Inafune.

Carefully skirting directly around that conversation, let's keep the focus on this new Mega Man game. In the trailer, it looks like levels are being built with speedrunners in mind, with a focus on positioning and timing. We see all of the regular moves like running, leaping, shooting and sliding, as well as a bit of help from our spring-backed pal, Rush.

One of the other noticeable changes is that Mega Man's design changes when he shifts to a new weapon, rather than just a pallet swap. When he changes to his rock ability, for instance, his helmet alters and he dons an aqua suit as similarly-colored cubes of rock fall from the ceiling. As in previous Mega Man games, figuring out which abilities work best in which levels and against which baddies will all be part of the challenge.

Hopefully that footage will tide you over for a while, as the game is not slated to launch until "late 2018." That means that, even though it looks pretty far along here, we probably won't be playing the game for another year. We can apparently expect more info on the game to surface next summer, which we figure means an E3 rollout could be in the cards. When it finally arrives, it will launch on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch and PC.

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