Destiny 2

Bungie has a massive amount of content available in the new December 5th update for Destiny 2. For gamers who want to find out how much has changed and what they will be able to experience, Bungie released the complete changelog, containing everything you need to know about the latest Destiny 2 update.

The info was posted on the official Bungie website, detailing the most significant, and the most minor, changes made to the sci-fi shooter. The most obvious changes for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X users is that the resolution has been upgraded to adaptive 4K with high dynamic range for the PlayStation 4 Pro, while the Xbox One X has received a native 4K update with HDR support.

On the gameplay side of things, the team has balanced out the Leviathan raid with a recommended power rating of 300, along with fixing a few glitches. The XP rewards have been increased for the PvP quickplay and competitive playlists, along with the handout of rewards for Legendary and Rare items when successfully completing Crucible matches.

Nightfall strikes have received a new commended power rating of 270, while a number of other issues have been fixed relating to spawns, and progression, including XP rewards being increased for completing the strike to compensate for the previous XP scaler.

Not every activity received an XP increase, however. Some public events received XP reductions in order to bring them "in line with other activities" in Destiny 2. Glimmer and Rare rewards have also been reduced in public events. On the upside, however, Bungie did increase the rate of Legendary rewards for public events for those of you out there who have completed the game and are above level 20.

A number of bugs have been fixed for the Faction Rallies, the Iron Banner, and the Trials of the Nine. Tons of UI bugs have also been fixed, ranging from notifications on-screen to legibility issues when attempting to read waypoint icons and text.

Tons of bugs were also fixed for PC, along with adding an option where gamers can now exit from Destiny 2 using a controller. I have no idea why this wasn't implemented from the start, but I'm sure a bunch of Steam gamers are scoffing at the idea that it wasn't originally present.

When it comes to gameplay balance for weapons and character classes, Bungie increased the damage dealt to all bosses when using super abilities, along with balancing the damage output for many of the grenades within the game.

Titan's in Destiny 2 have had some of their abilities fixed, along with balancing out a few of the Titan's abilities for the solar hammers, extending the debuffs from the Hammer Strike, and increasing the health regen of the Sunspot.

Hunters have had very minor balancing done to the Arcstrider dodge and duration of the Golden Gun, along with increased time to fire arrows using the Moebius Quiver. Warlocks, meanwhile, received a reduction in bonus damage from Empowering Rift, and the Heat Rises perk no longer triggers destructible objects. A few tweaks to the recoil, firerate and damage of the weapons have also been applied across the board in Destiny 2. The latest update is available right now with the start of the second season.

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