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Soldiers on ATV Ghost Recon Wildlands

If you've been looking for a reason to dive back into Ghost Recon Wildlands, the folks at Ubisoft are happy to deliver. This week, a bunch of new DLC is heading to the game and, yep, it's all going to be made available free of charge.

Ubisoft has announced that the second major DLC bundle being brought to Ghost Recon Wildlands will arrive later this week, giving players a chance to try out some new classes, visit some new maps and finally take part in ranked play. The DLC is called Jungle Storm and it'll arrive on all platforms Dec. 14.

The Jungle Storm DLC is geared specifically toward PvP and, as noted above, it's being made available to all players free of charge. Given the clouds of controversy surrounding microtransactions, loot boxes and DLC these days, it's nice to be able to report on something like free content. It's also nice to see PvP content being handed out at no additional charge, as that goes a long way to keep a game's community from fragmenting. Everyone can enjoy the new content together and nobody drops out of the game due to feeling left behind when it comes to playing on new maps.

As for what you can expect from the upcoming Wildlands DLC, here's what the official press release had to say.

Two new classes are being made available in the game's PvP modes, including the stealthy new Pathfinder who uses a crossbow and can't be marked by drones. As for the second new class, Ubisoft is keeping their lips zipped for the moment. Apparently, we can expect a proper reveal for the class sometime before the Dec. 14 launch of the Jungle Storm content.

Ranked play is also being added to the latest Ghost Recon game, with players and squads able to compete for higher positions in the game's various rankings.

Jungle Storm will also introduce some new maps for the game's Elimination and Uplink game modes, though we haven't had word on what those maps will look like just yet. Some new weapons are also being introduced to the game, as well as gameplay updates for both PvP and PvE modes. We assume more specific details will be provided around that Dec. 14 launch.

Yet another "games as service" title, Ghost Recon Wildlands has been dishing out the content and keeping players coming back for more throughout 2017. With the launch of this latest DLC, we're curious if Ubisoft has given more thought to how long of a tail they hope to add onto the core game. Our guess is that, so long as people keep playing, they'll probably want to keep developing fresh reasons to keep everyone hooked.