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Metal Gear Survive Is Getting A Beta

soldier wields spear in Metal Gear Survive

If you're curious about how Metal Gear Survive will actually play, Konami is offering a chance to find out exactly that. According to a recent announcement, they're going to be hosting a beta for the game on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

A Metal Gear Survive beta will be held in late January, according to Gamespot, giving players a chance to dive into the new cooperative zombie blaster from Jan. 18-21 on both the PS4 and Xbox One. While the game is slated to launch on PC, however, there is no mention of a beta scheduled for that particular platform.

Based on what we're hearing from Konami, Metal Gear Survive is sounding a heck of a lot like Epic's Fortnite. In the beta, players will be able to "build, defend and fight" with their online pals in a game that's a kinda-sorta offshoot of Metal Gear Solid V. Without getting too far into MGS lore, Ground Zeroes ends with a stronghold in the ocean being destroyed. Survive's premise is that, while all of that is going down, a hole in space and time rips open and sucks a bunch of soldiers into some sort of parallel dimension.

That dimension is a nightmarish mirror world of our own that's overrun with zombie-like monsters who are trying to destroy the players. To survive, you'll need to grab some friends, build defenses and grab as many weapons as you can in order to hold off the waves of attack.

If you've played Fortnite, that probably sounds very familiar. Still, Epic's game features light, fun and cartoony antics while Survive looks more sinister and realistic. Also, even though Hideo Kojima has nothing to do with this game, it still looks to be as street-rat insane as expected for the Metal Gear universe.

We've seen Survive in action through some brief trailers provided by Konami, but the beta will be the first time the public gets to have some extended hands-on time with the game. After that, we should all have a better understanding of what, exactly, all of that craziness is all about. And while some early footage featured recycled maps pulled from MGSV, we're hopeful that was just utilized due to convenience in the early goings. It would be a bummer if the whole game is just altered maps we're already familiar with. But, again, we'll have to wait until the beta launches to find out for ourselves.

As is common practice these days, folks who play the beta will earn some rewards in the final game, too. If you spend some time helping Konami test the servers and whatnot, you'll earn a Foxhound name plate, a Metal Gear REX head accessory and a bandana. That makes it sound like customization will be a big part of Survive and, given the current state of microtransactions and loot boxes, you'll have to excuse us if we're a bit wary in these early goings.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.