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With Call of Duty WWII's winter festivities keeping players busy through early January, the game's first DLC, The Resistance, is scheduled to launch at the end of that same month. For now, we've got a behind-the-scenes look at everything that supply drop will include.

Sledgehammer Games recently posted the above video taking viewers on a tour of everything that will be included in The Resistance DLC when it arrives in Call of Duty WWII early next year. It expands on everything save the single player campaign, which wrapped itself up rather nicely before the credits rolled.

According to the video, the DLC for WWII will come in what sounds like themed packs. So, this first bundle, for instance, will include new maps and modes with an emphasis on the actions of the French Resistance during the war.

If you've played through the game, then you likely remember a couple of the campaign's most noteworthy chapters focused on that particular group of fighters. It's cool, then, that they'll be getting some extra attention in the form of DLC.

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Leading the charge will be a trio of new maps including Valkyrie, Anthropoid and Occupation. Valkyrie takes place in one of Hitler's strongholds. The team states the map is designed for multiple playstyles with the outside areas being good for sniping, and the interior being all about up close and personal gunplay. Anthropoid, on the other hand, is an urban map with loads of height variation. Battles will happen in the streets, in the surrounding buildings, through tunnels and more. Finally, there's Occupation, a remake of the Modern Warfare III fan-favorite, Resistance. The locale has been appropriately placed in the WWII timeframe, complete with the Eiffel Tower looming in the background.

While War Mode is getting a lot of love in CoDWWII, it only contains a trio of maps in the core game. Thankfully, the DLC will include a new map called Operation Intercept. The offensive side will play as members of the French Forces of the Interior. Their job will be to rescue some hostages, capture some radio equipment and then push the Nazis out of the region. The mode offers some great tug-of-war gameplay, so we're excited to see how Operation Intercept will play out.

Finally, there's the new chapter for the Nazi Zombies mode known as The Darkest Shore. The video touts this as the "most terrifying chapter" in Zombies to date. The team has tracked their target to a small island off the shore of Germany where the zombie threat continues to grow. What sets this map apart is the inclusion of rolling fog, which will make it more difficult for players to stay on objective and out of the reach of the undead.

Look for all of that to be included in DLC Pack 1 when it releases early next year.

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