World Of Tanks Is Getting A Huge Update In 2018

Tanks, planes and ships roll into battle.

The online battlefields of World of Tanks are due for a major overhaul early next year, with the next update improving the game's soundtrack and look. For a game that's been bringing in millions of players for seven years, this should help breathe of fresh air for the dedicated community.

World of Tanks first rolled onto the scene back in 2010. The game was developed so that it would be able to run on pretty basic hardware, but those middle-of-the-road standards have shifted upward in the past seven years. In other words, WoT can handle a graphical overhaul without alienating its massive community.

According to a recent report from Gameinformer, that's exactly what it's getting sometime during March 2018. It's being referred to as a 1.0 update, which is a nice way of saying "massive refresh" for the game. The update will include the implementation of a new graphics engine for the game, an HD update for the impressive roster of maps and a greatly enhanced soundtrack.

The new graphics engine is an in-house rig called CORE, which means the developers will have greater control over the look of the game. They built it themselves, so they should be able to more easily roll with the punches if anything goes sideways.

The CORE engine will allow for new in-game effects, improved tank and environment models and additional nice touches like water that responds more realistically and terrain the sees a greater impact from all of those tank battles. In short, the entire game should look more impressive once the March update gets implemented. The update will overhaul all 25 of the game's maps, which should make for a pretty exciting time for folks who have been playing the game for years. It's going to be neat seeing familiar stomping grounds suddenly looking better than ever.

Even the game's soundtrack is getting an upgrade. The music will change dynamically depending on how the battle is going, so expect soaring tunes to kick in during moments of triumph and somber melodies to accent confrontations that aren't going your way. Even cooler is the fact that the maps will offer themed soundtracks, complete with songs that fit in with the real-world region rather than just, say, screaming guitar riffs across every map.

The launch date is currently set for a nebulous "March" window and, given the scope of the update, we wouldn't be surprised to see a delay of some sort. But here's hoping everything goes smoothly and World of Tanks players have plenty to look forward to in the first quarter of 2018. Honestly, for this kind of game, we'll take an update like this over a sequel just about any day of the week.

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