The HTC Vive pro

It looks like HTC is aiming to make a big splash in the world of virtual reality this year, with some new hardware that will push the technology further than ever before. A wireless adaptor should make VR gaming easier for all comers, with a new high-resolution headset primed to offer the best-looking games yet.

HTC is showing off their latest hardware at CES, with Gamespot reporting on the details of the new Vive gear.

The cool thing about the wireless adaptor is that it will work with the new headset, as well as those already out in the wild. It's called the Vive Wireless Adaptor, oddly enough, and it's geared at helping players cut the cord while providing benefits like lower latency and better performance than before. The report explains that the adaptor uses WiGig technology that runs on a 60 Ghz band and, while no price has been announced, it's expected to hit the market sometime during Q3 2018. So, if you aim to game without being tethered to your rig, expect to do so sometime this summer.

As noted above, the wireless adaptor will also work with the freshly revealed Vive Pro. Similar to the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X, this refresh on the Vive hardware is geared toward offering the best visual and audio experience possible on current VR hardware. The Pro's resolution is nearly 80 percent higher than the core model, which means everything from stunning vistas to in-game tests will be sharper than ever. Virtual reality gaming is already known for being less visually striking than standard gaming, so something like this should help shrink the gap.

As an added bonus, the rig features integrated headphones and a built-in amplifier, with dual microphones boasting noise cancellation. There are also two front-facing cameras on the new head-mounted unit. Since the Vive Pro didn't even have a launch window, much less a price point, at CES, we wouldn't be surprised to see this one pop up sometime in 2019.

Still, we've got to wonder if this is the right direction for VR at this point in time. Developers are only just now getting their feet under them and creating games that feel more substantial than glorified tech demos. Last year, the PlayStation VR headset also proved that power isn't everything, as sales of Sony's less expensive unit easily eclipsed the competition. There's definitely a market out there for high-end VR gaming, we just aren't sure if it's big enough to warrant taking these steps just yet.

But that's also the exciting thing about VR technology and big CES reveals. It's kind of the Wild West out there, so anything is possible at this point. We'll definitely be interested to hear those final details on the Pro and, when the time comes, see the difference all that new technology makes.

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