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One of only 200 Apple I computers almost managed to get caught in the cross-hairs of a trash canister. The first series of computers made by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are now worth $200,000 each and one of them was nearly recycled.

BBC is reporting that an unknown woman between 60 and 70 pulled up in an SUV at a recycling center in Milpitas, California, and dropped off the computer at the facility. Unbeknownst to her, the device is worth $200,000.

The VP of the Clean Bay Area recycling center, Victor Gichun, mentioned that he did remember her and asked if she wanted a receipt for turning in the computer, but she denied the receipt.

The Apple I computer was tossed in a pile with the rest of the electronic gadgets and gizmos that they usually receive but no one thought much of it until one of the managers of the recycling center saw the computer buried under cables and other hardware. The manager instantly realized what a valuable piece of hardware it was and decided to sell it to a private collector.

They received $200,000 for turning over the computer and now the individuals at the Clean Bay Area recycling center want to find the woman who originally turned in the computer to give her a share of the monetary pie. Clean Bay Area also asked people to share the video below in hopes of finding the woman, writing in the YouTube description of the video “Please help us find this lady and reward her $100,000.”

The Apple I computer is no powerhouse, though. If you were expecting the $200,000 device to contain some kind of four-way SLI Nvidia supercomputer GPU with enough RAM to store your entire life in photos, think again.

According to the BBC article, the Apple I originally went on sale back 1976 for $666.66. What a price tag, eh?

The Series I computer only had 4kb of RAM. To give you an idea of how small that is, this article you're reading now is many times larger in size than what that computer could handle. In fact, only the first paragraph would likely be able to fit.

The BBC article states that out of 200 or so computers made, only about 63 have survived, which is why the price tag is so high for the historically relevant device.

Some of you might be questioning how the recycling center will know if the right woman will come to claim the $100,000. Well, according to Clean Bay Area's GM, Victor Gichun, he knows exactly what she looks like and once she shows up to claim her funds all he has to do is take a look at her.

It's interesting that a computer like this would be worth so much, but given that it was hand made by two legends in the tech industry and the fact that only 200 were made it's not surprising that such a technological relic would be worth close to a quarter of a million dollars to some people.

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