The social/casual gaming space has always been the majority stake of most of the gaming universe, even though the hardcore gaming space is where most of the revenue lie. To illustrate the importance of the casual market a new infographic was released detailing all the major happenings that occurred throughout 2012 in the casual gaming space.

The infographic comes courtesy of Rebel Entertainment, who is comprised of members from top tier (or former top tier) businesses such as Electronic Arts, Zynga and name but a few. The company really wanted to point out and inform the market at large about the growth and popularity of the casual sector using the infographic, as pointed out by Mike Goslin, general manager of Rebel Entertainment, who stated that...
“Smartphone and tablet popularity continued to grow the casual gaming market in 2012, and once again the industry saw increased revenues,” ... “The genre is finally being accepted by a mainstream audience and becoming a mainstay of pop culture, which means casual games will likely dominate the market this year as more game developers and publishers answer the demand for fun but rich and challenging casual game experiences.”

The graph puts into perspective just how much money, downloads and attachment social gamers have with casual games. The illustration of several games topping more than 10 million downloads is quite the feat, especially given that many of these games – other than Angry Birds – didn't receive a heck of a lot of media promotion. You can check out the infographic below.

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