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IGG recently announced that they are re-entering alpha-testing for the upcoming action-RPG, 2029 Online. Yes folks, the original alpha-test was so popular they actually had to go back and do another one.

According to the press release, “We’ve been eagerly waiting for 2029 to be released into Alpha testing so our players can see the lush post-apocalyptic world they’ll soon be fighting for. Mark your calendars for May 24th at 10:00 pm EDT (GMT-4) and be ready to download the official client. Testers can enter the game using their Alpha accounts.”

The game features a multitude of gameplay features, including RTS unit management, multiple personal vehicles that include cars, motorocycles and more, as well as different races each with their own set of skills. This isometric MMO-action RPG seems to be shaping up to be quite nice and gamers can get in on the action with the new alpha-test by visiting the Official Website.

In addition to this alpha-test news, you can check out some brand new 2029 Online wallpapers. Yes, that means more bulky, muscled-men and scantily clad techno-women. In other words, it’s the ultimate man-nerds’ fantasy of the future captured in the immortal guise of a desktop image. Those new wallpapers can be viewed below.

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