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As pointless as a replicate of the MSN messenger being put into an MMO might seem, it’s actually not too bad of an idea. IGG recently announced that 2029 Online will be receiving an instant messenger update that will pretty much put its features on-par with MSN’s messenger.

According to the press release…
”After exhaustive research into what players want -- and need -- from in-game chat, the 2029 Online dev team is planning to develop a convenient chat tool designed to offer players a wide range of useful features. From real-time instant messaging to player-to-player teleportation, gamers will soon have a new and exciting way to stay connected while enjoying their favorite post-apocalyptic MMO.”

The game already has the standard fare chat tools that include private chats, team chats, zone chats, etc. However, the difference is that the new IM chat the team has planned to implement will allow players to search up friends, teleport to them, check on their profiles, compare stats and inventory items, and of course chat up a storm.

The new chat tool is on its way and gamers can check out all the details by visiting the Official 2029 Online Website. For more gaming news, updates, media and insight, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.