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IGG announced today that the moving soundtrack to one of their newest MMORPGs is currently available for download. Yep, free music without any anti-P2P advocates breathing down your neck or the music industry suing your pants off like they were the last pair of pants on Earth.

According tot the press release…
As players travel from one location to the next, the in-game music adapts to their surroundings and actions. Each piece of music has its own unique rhythms and melodies designed to blend with the sounds of combat and special effects to produce an emotional roller coaster ride befitting the game’s engaging storyline.

Well, if I must say so myself the soundtrack is quite moving to be a free-to-play futuristic, MMORPG. The Jungle tune in particular sounds a little like Danny Elfman’s eerie, melodic suite to the movie Batman: Returns.

The music varies greatly…going from the industrial punk themes to the classic chamber-style tunes. You can check out all the music from volume 1 of 2029 Online by visiting the Official Soundtrack Download Page. For more info on 2029 Online be sure to visit the Official Website.

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