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Tyler Barriss, the individual who called in a Swatting attack in hopes of getting back at a teammate in Call of Duty, has been charged. The Swatter was arrested back in Los Angeles, California on December 29th, 2017 but after a few weeks of processing, the charges have finally been levied against him.

Kansas' The Wichita Eagle is reporting that Barriss is being charged with involuntary manslaughter. The article notes that it's for when someone unintentionally kills another person or the death is in result of reckless conduct or a felony crime.

Barriss was moved over from the Los Angeles central jail to the Sedgwick County Jail after his arrest on December 29th. He was formally charged on January 11th, 2018. In a previous report from the Wichita Eagle, it was noted that Barriss is being held on a $500,000 bail bond. A second charge was originally added to the docket, which included giving false alarm, and notifying emergency services knowingly with false information. A third charge was also present as well, which included interference with a law enforcement officer and falsely reporting a felony.

Barriss' antics spawned from a spat he had with a teammate in Call of Duty, which resulted in him attempting to "Swat" his teammate. This involves calling 911 and reporting a, usually, heinous or violent crime in hopes of getting S.W.A.T units to respond to the scene of the crime and exercise extreme violence.

Swatting has been done multiple times in the past by pranksters, and most times S.W.A.T units arrive at the home with guns drawn, or sometimes flash banging the residence in preparation to use lethal force against a perceived perpetrator. In this particular case, when Barriss gave the Wichita, Kansas police dispatcher the information -- which actually turned out to be the wrong address and was not the home of his Call of Duty rival -- the police responded by sending heavily armed, militarized S.W.A.T. forces to the scene. When they arrived they asked the home owner to step out onto the front porch, which happened to be a certain Andrew Finch. When Finch stepped out in his robe onto the porch the police instantly fired upon and killed him.

Later it was discovered that S.W.A.T. was at the wrong house.

Many people were absolutely angry at Barriss for the prank call, blaming him for the death of Andrew Finch. The Wichita police made sure that the S.W.A.T. member who killed Finch was given paid vacation. Barris is now being charged with involuntary manslaughter, since his actions resulted in the man being killed. The incident has resulted in a lot of people wanting harsher penalties for Swatters, given that this sort of prank has escalated from tactical frights into full blown executions.

We still don't know exactly how much prison time Tyler Barriss will receive for the death of Andrew of Finch. Many suspect that it will be around three to five years, but that will be determined during sentencing. Barriss had a history of Swatting other people and institutions in the past, so some people believe that his punishment is long overdue.

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