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It's going to be a busy first quarter for Assassin's Creed Origins players, with Ubisoft announcing that a pair of DLC packs and the combat-free Discovery Tour will all be rolling out over the next couple of months. So whether you want to stab more dudes or simply learn about ancient Egypt, you've got several things to look forward to between now and early March.

Ubisoft sent out a press release today announcing all sorts of fresh details pertaining to new content heading to Assassin's Creed Origins, including launch dates for upcoming expansions. The first major DLC for the game will arrive Jan. 23, with the second set to launch on March 6. Sandwiched between those will be the unique Discovery Tour update, which drops on Feb. 20. These dates are for all platforms, so feel free to mark your calendar in anticipation for your return to the Land of the Nile.

As a reminder, the two DLC packs are part of the season pass, and the Discovery Tour will be a free game addition for all comers. The DLC packs will include new missions, regions, items, timed events and more.

First up is DLC 1, which we now know is actually called "The Hidden Ones." Ubisoft says this will be a story-driven expansion that continues to follow the tale of the growing Brotherhood. The narrative takes place four years following the conclusion of Origins, which just so happens to be when an invading Roman force is kicking up some trouble. This DLC will make the Sinai region available and increase the player level cap to 45. Again, you'll also earn new weapons, outfits, a pair of new mounts and new levels for all crafted gear. Launching on Jan. 23, you can grab this pack for $9.99 outside of the Season Pass.

The Discovery Tour will be available on Feb. 20 as a free update for anyone who already owns Origins. If you're a PC fan who doesn't want to play the game but enjoys learning, however, you can grab it as a standalone feature for 20 bucks. Again, this is considered the game's "educational mode," so fighting and events are turned off in favor of guided exploration and learning. It's a pretty rad idea that will allow players to learn even more about Egypt, and it's something we'd pretty much love to see in any Assassin's Creed game moving forward.

Finally, DLC 2, "The Curse of the Pharaohs," will be available on March 6. This DLC will deliver a brand new storyline that leads into Thebes, where the player will investigate a mysterious curse that is plaguing the region.

This DLC is a departure from the more realistic gameplay of Origins, focusing on gods and former royalty that are returning from the dead. New gear will be included once again, as well as a level cap bump to 55. We figure this one will be an especially beefy update, as its solo price is $19.99.

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