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It's a new year and, for former Sonic head Yuji Naka, that means it's time to set off on a brand new adventure. It looks like he'll be moving from hedgehogs to chocobos by taking up a new position with the folks at Square Enix.

Yuji Naka took to twitter this week to make his career change official.

Naka's message is short and to the point, explaining that he began work with Square Enix this month. While details are a bit scarce, Naka confirmed that he will indeed be working in game development once again, stating that his next game will be "enjoyable" and that fans should look forward to it.

After pouring through Square Enix's catalog for clues, we've concluded that literally any of their offerings could be described as "enjoyable," so it's possible Naka is lending his talents to an existing IP. In all seriousness, though, we'd love to see Naka's take on just about anything Square Enix has under its umbrella, though we'd put our money on him creating something totally new for the developer. Still, how about a quirky Final Fantasy spinoff, anybody?

While Naka is perhaps best known as serving as the former head of Sonic Team, he hasn't held down that position for more than a decade, leaving the job in 2006. In the following years, he formed his own studio, Prope, with only a handful of releases under its belt.

As Polygon points out, Prope's catalog includes games like Let's Tap for the Wii, a couple of Digimon games and a Wii/Wii U title called Rodea the Sky Soldier. Since he clearly has experience working on Nintendo platforms, we can't help but wonder if his focus will be to create something new and quirky for Nintendo's uuber-popular Switch console. Nintendo has stated that plenty of third party developers are coming on board with the console and, rather than just make a bunch of ports, it would be great to see Square Enix put Naka's creativity behind a console exclusive...Or maybe he's just making a 2D Tomb Raider platformer. Who knows?

The Polygon story also points out that, with Nintendo Labo on the horizon and Naka having already worked on a game that had players tapping on a cardboard box, it might be interesting to see Square Enix working on their own Labo title with Naka at the helm.

But again, every bit of this is speculation at this point. Either way, we're excited to see what Naka has cooking at Square Enix, and hopefully we won't have to wait past E3 in June to get at least a few details to tide us over. Until then, feel free to drop your own predictions in the comments below.

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