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Mutant Football League Had Its Own Super Bowl Prediction

The Super Bowl has finally come and gone and pretty much everyone weighed in with their big game predictions. We go live now to Mutant Football League, an over-the-top (kinda) sports game that has its own idea of how the day's events would go down. Over to you, MFL.

Well that was certainly...violent. Still, it's nice departure from the usual stat comparisons, lineup assessments and forecast gymnastics that typically take place before the Super Bowl.

EA did a nice job with its own Super Bowl prediction within Madden 18, offering a brief rundown of a simulated full game full of nice production values and cuts to big moments. In the end, Madden's test run ended with the Patriots topping the Eagles 24-20.

The Mutant Football League's take on the big showdown played out a little differently. Another top-notch simulated game that was edited nicely, the Mayhem Bowl saw the Evils taking on the Hatriots. If you're new to the series, though, you might not have expected the vast disparity in rules. For starters, there are barely any of them. That's part of the beauty of the game. Sure, it's kind of like football, but players can trigger all kinds of nasty abilities in order to trounce their opponents and even the referees.

The Mayhem Bowl's first quarter wraps up with the Evils leading the Hatriots 21-0, but this is the kind of game where big swings happen all the time. By the half, the Evils only lead the Hatriots 27-26.

With rosters dwindling and more dirty tricks making scoring difficult, the third quarter wraps up with the Evils still narrowly outpacing the Hatriots, 30-28. The fourth quarter looks mostly uneventful until a 50-plus-yard field goal from the Hatriots pushes them just in front of the competition. An extra field goal later and the Hatriots earn a three-point victory.

That's actually surprisingly close to the Madden prediction, with the Patriots/Hatriots winning a close match-up by just a handful of points. Based on the buzz around the internet, that was the real-world prediction, too. But as we all know now, the Eagles actually pulled off a 41-33 win over the Patriots, to many people's surprise.

It's been fun to watch Mutant Football League come into its own these past couple of years. The game failed its original crowdfunding efforts only to come back better than ever based on fan feedback. It put up a good show on PC last year and, as of January, it's now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you're looking for something ever-so-slightly different from your average football game, it might be worth a look.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.