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Metal Gear Survive

Regardless of what people think about Metal Gear Survive in a post-Kojima era, Konami is still moving forward with the game and gathering as much feedback as possible for the third-person zombie survival game. The game is set to receive a second closed beta test next week for home consoles and PC ahead of its official release.

Gamespot is reporting that between February 16th and February 18th there will be another open beta period for Metal Gear Survive, just ahead of its February 20th release date. The only thing you'll be required to do is log into your online account and download the beta client.

Also, the beta will include the PC version of the game. So, for those of you who had no plans on picking up Konami's survival title for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you can play-test it on your rig to see if it runs right proper for you.

The second beta adds a number of new features for players to test this time around, including two maps to play across and three missions to participate in. Additionally, you'll be able to play the co-op mode with up to three other players. The three day beta test will also include the addition of special daily missions with their own special rewards that you can participate in. These missions were not available during the previous beta test.

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Konami will also reward players with special gear for participating in the Metal Gear Survive beta, including a Foxhound name plate, a bandanna to equip on your character, and a Metal Gear Rex head accessory. The cosmetic items will help you stand out in the sea of players once the full game launches. The always-on game does have a single-player mode, but you won't be able to play it offline.

During the last beta test there was only a single map available and some limited character customization and playability features implemented.

A lot of the core components were there, such as being able to scavenge items from resources, craft new upgrades for your weapons and barricades to keep the zombies out of the mission area, along with a few armor upgrades. The timed missions available in the beta were based around protecting a resource from wave after wave of zombies. You could use wooden barricades, concrete barricades, turret guns, and even fences as a way to keep the zombies out of the mission area.

Additionally, the game afforded players the ability to utilize the melee weapons and ranged weapons, along with some light access to the mobile mech suits.

Gameplay in Metal Gear Survive is almost similar to MMOs, where the further out you venture the more difficult the enemies become and the higher in level they are. So players will have to complete missions and level up their character in order to eventually venture into the deadlier parts of the map.

A lot of controversy surrounds Metal Gear Survive due to the way Konami handled firing Hideo Kojima, the father of the Metal Gear franchise. The company has attempted to distance itself from the controversy as best as possible, but it's a difficult thing to do when the name of the game is going to constantly remind players of Hideo Kojima. For those not worried about the drama, you can look to check out the beta starting next weekend.

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