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The Evil Within 2

Bethesda and Tango Gameworks have continued to support The Evil Within 2, even after launch. It's rare for a single-player game to receive a lot of post-launch support, but Capcom did it with Resident Evil 7 and now Bethesda is doing it with The Evil Within 2 in the form of adding a first-person mode to the game.

Polygon is reporting that the new first-person mode is available via a simple toggle switch available from the game's option menu. The switch can be flicked on or off at any time and this will allow you to hop into first-person mode and experience the third-person survival-horror game as a first-person survival-horror game.

So, why was this mode added to the game? Well, according to producer Shinsaku Ohara from Tango Gameworks, it was added to The Evil Within 2 because the company felt as if a lot of people enjoy playing horror games in first-person. Ohara believes that it's a neat experience to be able to dive into Sebastian's perspective in first-person and see what the virtual city of Union looks like as if you were actually there.

It kind of reminds me of Capcom opting to add the virtual reality mode to Resident Evil 7, which actually helped give the game some additional marketing presence, especially as a lot of gamers who played the demo and the game on the PlayStation VR noted how scary it felt exploring the Baker's residence with the VR headset and how realistic it was.

Given that The Evil Within 2 isn't a first-person game, it's no surprise that Tango Gameworks opted not to include a VR mode or virtual reality compatibility for the game. However, I'm sure there are mods out there to add the functionality for PC gamers.

In fact, right after the game released, the ability to dive into the first-person mode was already available right out of the box for PC gamers. In order to access it gamers simply had to open up the console command and type in the command to initiate the first-person mode.

However, console commands are always only limited to PC gamers. The addition of the first-person mode to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of The Evil Within are a good way for console gamers to experience the horror and thrills that PC gamers were able to encounter.

The reason Tango Gameworks likely didn't activate the first-person mode for consoles at the start is because there were likely some tweaks that had to be made and some optimizations to ensure that clipping was brought down to a minimum and that players could still visibly play through the entire game without having their view obstructed or becoming incapable of completing certain tasks due to the perspective.

However, now the mode is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One gamers who may want to play The Evil Within 2 again in first-person mode. Maybe now we'll see how the game compares to Resident Evil 7 and which one gamers consider to be scarier in first-person.

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