Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft has announced that the test server for Rainbow Six: Siege has added Operation Chimera to the fold, giving gamers an opportunity to play-test the upcoming content from now up until March 2nd, exclusively for PC gamers.

The test server is an alternate version of Rainbow Six: Siege where players are able to play through the content and experience upcoming updates before the general public gets its hands on the content.

The Operation Chimera test server includes two all new Operators to the game, including Lion and Finka, the elite members from the CBRN Threat Unit (which stands for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) designated for handling biological or chemical threats from potential terrorists or extraterrestrials.

The two CBRN operatives come from France and Russia, and have biohazard specializations. They come with all new weapons and gadgets, and will be playable in both the standard competitive multiplayer modes in Rainbow Six: Siege, along with making an appearance in the special Outbreak event, which is set to run from March to April, starting next month on March 6th.

For those of you who have been absolutely geeked about the Outbreak event, there's some really good news in the form of the event making a small appearance periodically throughout the test server phase, which is currently underway right now. The developers at Ubisoft will make the Outbreak event partially available off and on in order to test and fix some immediate issues that may pop up ahead of it getting underway on March 6th.

The Outbreak event, for those of you who don't know, is a cooperative survival mode where players will work together to stop an infestation that takes over a town following the crash landing of an alien spacecraft. Lion and Finka are sent in to address the situation, along with the rest of the clean-up team, only to find that it's not quite as simple as they once expected.

The Outbreak mode is designed to take the traditional Rainbow Six: Siege gameplay and expand it to the realm of Left 4 Dead-style PvE encounters. You'll still need to use team tactics, such as barricading the doors and blocking off pathways in order to prevent your team from being overwhelmed and crowded by the monsters.

Your objective in the Outbreak mode is to reach reach a specific destination on the map and complete the objectives, not unlike the traditional Rainbow Six games of old. Much like Left 4 Dead there are different types of alien zombies to kill, and you'll need to use different tactics to take them out.

Gamers who play the game on PC will be able to play-test the new map and the additional weapons and Operators that will come along with it. The objective-based map also still features the same kind of destructibility and bullet penetration as featured in the other multiplayer mode, so it should prove to be a different kind of gameplay experience with a lot of the same elements present from the standard modes.

You can check out the Operation Chimera portal over on the official website for Rainbow Six: Siege to learn more about how to get in on the PC test server and check out the upcoming updates due for release.

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