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Bungie has not had the best of times in recent times. There's a litany of issues that the developers have gone through shortly after the release of Destiny 2. The sci-fi first-person shooter ran into a number of problems with microtransactions, XP scandals, and drop-rate issues, and this time there's an issue surrounding delayed features.

Over on the official Bungie website the community manager updated the site with news about the roadmap for updates coming to Destiny 2. The roadmap shows that some of what was originally planned for release has been pushed back. Bungie wrote...

With today's update we've moved a few items out to later releases -- this is because we are trying to ensure each feature we add hits a sufficiently high quality bar.

The roadmap reveals that the next major update will arrive on February 27th following the 1.1.2 update. The 1.1.3 update will feature the all new Nightfall score tracking, along with destination Emblem variants, new Crucible Emblem variants, and Nightfall Emblem variants. Additionally, you'll be able to spot your fireteam on the destination map, so you'll be able to easily spot out where your teammates are and how to get to them in case you get separated or lost. Keep in mind that you might scoff at the idea of "getting lost" but unlike Destiny 1 the maps in Destiny 2 are quite huge and the game no longer has as many instanced areas, so losing track of your buddies can happen quite frequently.

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The 1.1.3 update for Destiny 2 will also add the ability to opt into viewing the public chat on PC, which will likely help those who want to get social on PC or those who would rather not see what other people have to say in public chat. Some people enjoy the kind of banter that would happen in open chats like the Barrens in World of Warcraft, whereas other people aren't fond of that at all.

The last two pieces of content to arrive in the 1.1.3 update will be the companion mod and shader interactions, along with the Prestige version of the Nightfall challenge cards. However, much of what was planned for 1.1.3 has been pushed back into 1.1.4 and even further into the Season 3 content roll out for 1.2.0.

The next major update for the game will focus around the sandbox and Bungie's overhaul of the Crucible in Destiny 2. The 1.1.4 update is scheduled to go live at the end of March on the 27th. This will include the 6-vs-6 Iron Banner event that was also going to be released earlier in Season 2 but was delayed, along with penalties for those who quit during the middle of Crucible matches, which many people probably thought should have been in the game at launch. The March update of 1.1.4 will round out the second season of content, which will have stretched on for a while after Destiny 2's release way back in September of 2017.

The next update following the end of the second season won't arrive until the start of the third season all the way in May. So, there's going to be a sizable gap between the 1.1.4 release in March and the 1.2.0 update for the start of Season 3, which will bring all new seasonal content to the table that was originally planned for the 1.1.3 release, including an overhaul of the Exotics, private matches, and complete changes to the weapons and sandbox gameplay.

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