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PUBG Corporation has announced that not only will the leaderboards be reset for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but they will be doing so earlier than what was originally intended. The reset will take place on February 26.

The news went live via the support account for PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds, specifically the PUBG Help line on Twitter. It was announced that starting February 26th all the leaderboards for the Battle Royale survival game would be completely reset. There are also plans to start the brand new season, and so the company made it known that from now up until the start of the new season, all of the games that players participate in will be unranked.

What this means is that your scores, winnings and kills won't go toward the cumulative seasonal rankings in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds between now and the actual start of the season. Instead of counting points in between the reset, the team is waiting it out.

This is actually a good thing, because it means that PUBG Corporation gets a little extra time to weed out the unsavory types from within the community who have been using cheats to climb their way to the top of the leaderboard charts for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

A lot of people had two main issues that they wanted addressed from the developers, though. The first is that there need to be announcements about when the seasons will start and end so they know when to put in their best efforts and top tier performances. A lot of people obviously want to come out as the top player in that region and make a name for themselves by ranking at the top of the leaderboards. Some complained that by not announcing start and stop dates of the seasons, it makes it difficult to know when and how to adjust for the seasonal changes.

The second major issues was that resetting the leaderboards is pointless unless PUBG Corporation does something about the cheating epidemic in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The Chinese publisher of the game, Tencent Games, has been quite proactive in working with law enforcement to arrest Chinese cheat distributors in mainland China. Over in the West the developers are working with tools to catch cheaters and ban them from the game. There have been some strong efforts applied to curb the cheating and whittle down the effects that cheats have on the game.

In fact, the announcement dates and end dates of seasons is just a minor thing in the grand scheme of complaints about the cheats. For the last year gamers have consistently begged PUBG Corporation (although at the time it was known as Bluehole) to do something about the rampant cheating.

We'll see if the cheats are well under control by the time the next season gets underway. At least for now gamers know that wins and losses will go unranked, so this is probably the best time to team up and start mulling over strategies before the season starts and those leaderboard scores start meaning something.

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