Blizzard Entertainment introduced the latest character to the ever-growing roster of Overwatch. This time the character is the engineer-turned-freedom-fighter, Brigitte. She happens to be the daughter of Torbjorn, who is the weaponsmith for the Overwatch agency.

The new introduction video for Brigitte was posted on the Overwatch YouTube channel. It's only a minute long, introducing gamers to Torbjorn's feisty daughter who grew up in the workshop, working on armor and eventually growing up to repair Reinhardt's armor after returning from battle.

Eventually, Brigitte believes that she could be more useful on the battlefield as a tank/protector rather than waiting in the wings to repair and patch up her friends.

The trailer rounds out by showing Brigitte molding and building her own armor, training with Reinhardt and eventually stepping onto the battlefield with shield and mace in hand.

While the introduction trailer doesn't say anything about Brigitte's abilities or playability in the actual game of Overwatch, game director Jeff Kaplan did a separate log explaining more of her abilities and role in the game.

Kaplan explained that she's both DPS and defense, given that she has shield abilities to protect her teammates, while also borrowing from Doomfist by being able to utilize a rocket-propelled flail to attack opponents with a melee strike. She can also annex the attack with an added push for the flail to attack enemies even further out causing them all to get knocked back.

Much like Reinhardt, she has a small barrier shield that she can deploy. However, it's only small enough for her and maybe someone behind her. While the barrier shield is active she can use a sub-skill called shield bash, which will allow her to bash an opponent and briefly disable them.

But that's not all... Brigitte fits the role of a multi-support character by being able to heal her teammates. She doesn't have a large healing factor but she does have a small repair pack that can briefly heal a teammate. So, she's no Mercy -- who seems to keep getting buffed and nerfed in drastic ways -- but she is able to help aid in a tough bind, similar to Moira, another multi-class character.

Overwatch's cast of characters continues to expand at a rapid rate and Blizzard seems focused on adding one new character to the game that fills multiple roles to give gamers a lot of variety from the roster.

We knew that a new character was coming soon, but this now confirms it and will likely make a lot of fans happy after they first saw Brigitte in Reinhardt's short film. Overwatch's newest character is currently available in the public test realm for PC gamers, but will make her way to the Xbox One and PS4 soon enough.

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