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The cast of Kingdom Hearts.

While few fans of the Kingdom Hearts series can claim to know what the heck is going on in the story, the one thing pretty much everybody can agree on is that the music featured in all of the games is top-notch. And if you've ever wanted to hear that music played by a live orchestra, you're in luck. The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour has announced performance dates for 2018.

The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra played all over the world last year, delighting fans of the series and music in general with some fantastic live sets. The series' official Facebook page recently boasted an update featuring dates for the 2018 tour, some of which have already sold out with a quickness. Still, there are quite a few opportunities here, so take a gander at the full rundown if you want to try and catch a show. Be sure to jump to the official date listing to find links to ticket sales for each event.

Available for pre-sale

Chicago -- July 13

Pittsburgh -- July 16

Boston -- July 19

Atlanta -- July 26

Philidelphia -- Aug. 2

Phoenix -- Aug. 4

Las Vegas -- Aug. 5

Munich (Germany) -- Sept. 15

On sale March 13

Los Angeles -- June 9

Sydney (Australia) -- July 7

Detroit -- July 14

Toronto (Canada) -- July 21

Dallas -- July 28

Honolulu -- Aug. 12

Sao Paolo (Brazil) -- Sept. 8-9

Milan (Italy) -- Sept. 22

Seoul (South Korea) -- Oct. 6

Mexic City (Mexico) -- Oct. 20

It shouldn't really come as a surprise that a game series boasting Disney characters has a phenomenal soundtrack. From tracks pulled from various Disney films and remixes to brand new tunes written especially for the games, the Kingdom Hearts series is a pretty fantastic adventure for the ears, even if we're still trying to figure out what, exactly, is going on with the narrative.

This year's concert series is especially good timing since, according to Square Enix, the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally launching this year. Since the game has been about a decade in the making, we're doing our best not to get our hopes up too high until an actual date is slapped on that launch window and, even then, we probably won't believe it's actually out until we're a good five hours into the campaign.

The latest news coming out of the series is that it will boast worlds based on both Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. But since Disney now owns both Marvel and Star Wars, fingers are crossed that we'll see some big surprised in the months leading up to an actual launch. Then again, we love Disney, so even a tour through another collection of classic Disney flicks wouldn't be considered bad news.

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